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Hambright Levee

Cinematography, Photography, Video, Survey/Mapping

This was a multi faceted project with two distinct goals in mind. Showcasing the efforts of local Firefighters, and documenting the steps taken to fix the break in map form.


April 2023

Hambright Levee

Just west of Orland, CA.

March 17th, 2023

Completed in one day once the planning and logistics were taken care of.

Documenter, Video Editor, Processor

All photos, videos, and surveys were done by myself. I also edited the entire public information video for Willows Fire Department, and processed the 2d and 3d orthomosaic maps.

Documentation, Public Information

The video was created to show the public just how large the break was and how much effort went into it, and the maps were created to document the information for study.

Public Information Video

During unprecedented heavy rains after years of drought, floodwaters caused a large break in a creek bank in Orland, California. As soon as the waters had receded enough, Firefighters from all over Glenn County came together to fix the damage.

This project is two fold. The first was creating a video showcasing the hard work of Firefighters volunteering their time to help their community, and the second was creating a 2d and 3d record of the fix. Photos and videos were taken to show the extent of the damage and what specific actions were taken to fix it, as well as a flight survey to create a 2d and 3d map of the fix.

Aerial photos and map information was forwarded to the CDWR after completion. The video released on the Willows Volunteer Fire Department's youtube and facebook page is one of the first videos I ever edited.

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