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About Me

My name is Timothy Danley. I am a father of two, a fourth generation farmer, a USAF veteran, an Engineer with my local Fire Department, a member of my local Search and Rescue, and an FAA certified Drone Pilot. 


    My Story

    Born and raised in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California, I've been a farmer my entire life, save for a four year adventure with the United States Air Force right after graduating High School. I am currently serving as an Engineer with the Willows Volunteer Fire Department, as well as a member of Glenn County Search And Rescue.

    The conflict in Ukraine saw the rise of drones being used in multifunctional roles in a widespread way, and watching how useful these flying tools had become inspired me to delve into how I could use this technology for good and peaceful ends. I started flying a DJI FPV and got my Part 107 license before making a major upgrade to a DJI Mavic 3T. Recently I have acquired a DJI Avata for safer FPV flights in condensed spaces, as well as a DJI Mini 3 Pro for more cinematic photos and videos.

    My family has always been into aviation in one way or another. My Grandfather Frank Prentice was one of the fathers of Aerial Firefighting. Some of my earliest memories are of watching my father flying crop duster over our rice fields. My Grandfather Rodman Danley served in the Army Air Corps during WW2, and I followed in his footsteps by enlisting in the USAF. By providing services and staying on the cutting edge of aerial technology, I seek to honor the legacy left by the men who shaped me.


    I am always looking to help out however I can. Call, text, or email and let's see how I can help you.


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